My name is Pau Garcia Vera, I’m a Computer Engineering student from UPC, in Catalunya, Spain. 

My main  interests are into Networking and Systems Administration.

  • Advanced user knowledge in the most known OS (Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Android) from
    terminal level to common user interfaces.
  • General experience handling common use software (from office automation to scientific tools)
  • Skilled in installing internal pieces into computers and in general repairing computers either at
    software level as at hardware level. (Changing broken parts in a PC or reinstalling/fixing OS)
  • Knowledge in server setting up and maintenance. 

Good knowledge in the use of the language with oriented object programming. Experience acquired programming with classes to understand the construction of lineal data structures as queues, stacks and lists. Also with dynamic data structures such as general trees and BST. I have programmed dictionaries too with this language. Studied all the common ordering algorithms like bubble sort, quicksort, heapsort.. It’s the first language I worked with.


Use of the language to program at low level. Experience was acquired while I made scripts to edit text files opening file descriptors and such and learn how to use pipes, threads and semaphores. In general good understanding of the capabilities of this language.


Use of the language to understand networking related concepts. I acquired experience with it creating client-server programs to practice the TFTP protocol. Also I have been using lately(as of 2018) to write a verification program for PCB boards, using the PyQt4 library to design the GUI.


General knowledge in the use of the language, experience in the programming of combinatory and informed algorithms, and some dynamic programming. I have used the Alpha-Beta and MinMax algorithms to program a little connect-4 game. I also acquired further knowledge in the use of this language programming an Android application. The application consisted in an assistance checking list for lectures in my college.


I’ve gathered knowledge in these languages programming little web apps such as a tic-tac-toe or a notes app.


I also gathered some experience at the lowest level of programming languages with MIPS, studying computer architecture, learning how to read the code and program subroutines, the use of exceptions and interruptions.


This is my native language, which I’ve been speaking every day since I was born.


This is my second native language, which I have also been speaking for all my life.


This is the first foreign language I’ve come close to mastering. I’m quite confident in the use of English be it spoken or written. My interest in this language originated when I was young, growing sorrounded by all kinds of electronics and computers, all in this language. I needed of course, to learn the language to overcome the barrier and be able to fully comprehend and immerse myself in the world of computers.

And so I did.


I’ve always felt the need to at least understand one Eastern language, with all its complicated calligraphy and pictograms. It was one of those things I felt I had to do in my life. So around mid 2016 I decided to start learning this language, given that I also find myself attracted by the Japanese culture. As of now, I’m able to understand a great proportion of simple sentences and some complex ones with an amount of effort. I’ll probably be in knowledge of 600 kanji. Although I’ve come a great ways since I started learning the language, I’ve still yet a long linguistic journey before me.

  • Since 2012 and autonomously, occasional computer or electronic devices repairing
    services at either hardware level or software level.
  • I worked as an engineering assistant at Datalong16 aiding with internal business manufacturing of PCB boards and Python programmer from June, 2017 to January, 2018. I had to stop the working in this company due to my incoming China exchange study program.